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The trends of beverage consumption are always evolving. It is now time to embrace the concept of LOW/NO ALCOHOL, and for good reason. From being a conscious health choice, the trend has emerged victorious so far by being readily accepted by bartenders universally.

MONIN Cup 2024 has now geared up! Get ready to craft alternative, innovative, and unforgettable drinks. We challenge you to elevate your beverage creations beyond mere taste, into the realm of storytelling. Add a touch of drama, a pinch of theatre and anything you seem fit, make that one extraordinary drink that is sure to fetch you the Title.

It’s the Bartending Grand Slam!

Eligibility Criteria

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The age limit to participate in the MONIN Cup final is 27 years old. (All candidates born in 1997 or after) Competitors should be either professionals or students from bar or hospitality school.

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Submit 1 drink recipe – alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The only rule is to use at least 10 ml of MONIN syrup, fruit mix, crush or sauce per drink. One home-made syrups will be allowed, Check out the guidelines added in the footer for more information.

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Creativity will be the pillar of our judging, encouraging you to think outside the glass and embrace the unconventional.

Battle It Out

    With the international bartending talent in France.

  • MONIN Cup 2024 will be held in 4 zones across India.
  • North - Delhi (6th August), East - Kolkata (30th July) , South - Bangalore (13th August) & West - Mumbai (21st August) followed by a National finale on 28th August, in Hyderabad

  • The National winners shall proceed to represent India in the Grand Finals in France.
  • The Indian winner wins an all-expense paid trip to France for MONIN Cup Finals.

  Terms & Conditions

  • Decision of winner for each competition would be basis various criteria as judges may deem fit and decision of company would be final.
  • All expenses incurred for participation in competition would have to be borne by the participant and company wont be liable to reimburse it.
  • If any candidate is found to be not fulfilling any of the eligibility criteria, then company reserves the right to disqualify candidate without any reason.
  • All participants are expected to participate and behave in proper way and maintain discipline at all times. Company reserves the right to disqualify any candidate found to be non-compliant on this.
  • Company reserves the right to verify original documents to evaluate eligibility criteria.
  • None of the participants are required to carry alcohol to the competition venue.
  • Competition venue would be announced separately by company and is subject to change.
  • Company reserves the right to cancel competition anytime without any prior notice.


Registration forms will be available in both Online and Offline modes. Participants will also need to submit all required recipes and information to the event organizers before the final deadline i.e., 10th July 2024

Applicants can be professional bartenders, students from bar schools, beverage enthusiasts and aspiring bartenders. Competitors participating in the MONIN CUP final must be 27 years old or younger, i.e., candidates born in 1997 or after.

There shall be a regional competition held in 4 zones [North - Delhi (6th August), East - Kolkata (30th July), South - Bangalore (13th August) & West - Mumbai (21st August)], followed by a National finale on 28th August, in Hyderabad. The winner of the National finals will represent India at the grand Global Finale in France at the end of 2024.

The winner of the National finals will represent India at the grand Global Finale in France.

The three best participants in each Regional Competition shall receive a trophy and a MONIN bar kit.

The judges panel comprises industry professionals from the National Bartender’s Association and industry experts like chefs, influencers, F&B managers, etc.

No, there is no registration fee.

Participants will have 3 minutes for set-up followed by 10 minutes for preparing and presenting. They will have 10 minutes to prepare and present their drink. Participants will then have 2 minutes to clean the bar and clear away all their equipment.

Regional Competitions Venues

North – Delhi

East – Kolkata

West - Mumbai

South - Bangalore

Finale - Hyderabad

All the venues shall be confirmed based on the number of entries and recommendations from the team.

BV is the amount of alcohol present in the beverage. In order to achieve 8% ABV or lower in your recipe to align with the theme of the competition, check and proceed accordingly.