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Be A Star Of The Bars &
Get A Chance To Travel To France!

  It’s the Bartending Grand Slam!

  • Winner of each of these local competitions shall represent his/her country at the MONIN Cup International Finale, to be held in France
  • The Indian winner wins an all expense paid trip to France for MONIN Cup Finale

Eligibility Criteria

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You have to be between 21 - 27 years old to participate in the MONIN Cup International Finale

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Submit 1 cocktail /mocktail recipe. The only rule is to use at least 10ml of MONIN syrup/fruit mix per drink. No home-made syrups will be allowed.

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Our judges will be looking primarily for taste, creativity, presentation and charisma

Sharing Memorable Moments
Theme 2022

Hello Bartenders!

Use your creativity, skill, passion and inventiveness to develop a memorable cocktail moment. A cocktail that is delivered with flair, theater and emotion that brings the audience and judges together for a eureka-worthy moment that cannot be lost in the crowd.

However, the real challenge lies in crafting a cocktail that not only says something about you and your world, but also is a reflection of what you would like others to take from that experience.

So try your hand and see if global acclaim awaits your career!

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Enter the Indian Chapter of MONIN Cup 2022 by filling the form below:

  Terms & Conditions

  • Decision of winner for each competition would be basis various criteria as judges may deem fit and decision of company would be final. 
  • All expenses incurred for participation in competition would have to be borne by the participant and company wont be liable to reimburse it. 
  • If any candidate is found to be not fulfilling any of the eligibility criteria, then company reserves the right to disqualify candidate without any reason.
  • All participants are expected to participate and behave in proper way and maintain discipline at all times. Company reserves the right to disqualify any candidate found to be non-compliant on this. 
  • Company reserves the right to verify original documents to evaluate eligibility criteria.
  • None of the participants are required to carry alcohol to the competition venue.
  • Competition venue would be announced separately by company and is subject to change. 
  • Company reserves the right to cancel competition anytime without any prior notice.


Registration forms will be available in both Online and Offline modes. Participants will also need to submit all required recipes and information to the event organisers before the final deadline i.e, 20th June.

Applicants can be professional bartenders, students from bar schools, beverage enthusiasts and aspiring bartenders. Competitors participating in the MONIN CUP final up to 27 years old, i.e, candidates born in 1995 or after.

There shall be a regional competition in every zone of India (North, East, South & West) every Monday (starting from 11th July), followed by a National final on 3rd August, in MONIN Studio, Delhi. The winner of the National finals will have a chance to represent India at the Global Finals in France at the end of 2022.

The winner of the National finals will have a chance to represent India at the Global Finals in France.

The three best participants in each Regional Competition shall receive a trophy and a MONIN bar kit.

The judges' panel comprises industry professionals from the National Bartender’s Association and industry experts like chefs, influencers, F&B managers, etc.

No, there is no registration fee

Participants will have 10 minutes for preparing garnishes & 3 minutes for set-up. They will have 10 minutes to prepare and present their drink. Participants will then have 2 minutes to clean the bar and clear away all their equipment.

Regional Competitions Venues:
North – Delhi / Gurgaon
East – Kolkata
West: Mumbai
South: Bangalore / Hyderabad

All the venues shall be confirmed based on the number of entries and recommendations from the team.